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Our role in Digital Marketing

As Digital Marketing/Google Analytics Specialists we are responsible for developing and executing strategies for digital marketing efforts. Such efforts will create revenue-driving programs that build relationships with clients, as well as online audiences through the use of various digital and social media platforms.

Analytics Reports we Provide

  • Digital Data Analytics
  • Custom Import your Data Source
  • Google Analytics Advanced
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Analytics 360 Suite
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Google Ads Linking
  • Google AdSense Linking
  • Ad Exchange Linking
  • Big Query Linking
  • Facebook Campaign Linking
  • Linkedin Campaign Linking
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • And many more

Google Analytics 360 vs Basic Analytics

Feature-by-feature comparisons are available in other posts, like this one. I won’t replicate those resources here, but a few oft-cited, quantitative differences are worth mentioning:

The free version of GA begins sampling data for non-default reports that exceed 500,000 sessions. GA360 doesn’t begin sampling data until reports exceed 100 million sessions. The free version also does not guarantee data processing above 10 million hits per month; the guarantee extends to 2 billion hits for GA360.

GA360 pushes all data into its reporting interface within four hours and often does so in a matter of minutes. That near-real-time data entry is faster than the free version, which usually takes a full day to process data.

Export size. GA360 allows 3 million rows; the free version offers 50,000.

Custom dimensions and metrics. GA360 offers 200 of each compared to the free version, which provides 20. 

How much does it cost to do analytics?

The following prices do range, as every business and every solution we offer in response is unique, and there are many factors that go into determining the pricing for a specific project, including: A ballpark estimate of what analytics initiatives might cost.

  • The amount of data you have
  • The cleanliness and complexity of that data
  • The skillset and amount of internal capability you have
  • The analytical detail and complexity you’re looking for
  • Whether AI or Machine Learning will be used in the solution
  • How you will implement or action the analysis
  • The amount and complexity of Sales Channels you want us to import
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Reports are in PDF format and displayed in English

  1. Sample Analytics Marketing Website
  2. Sample Analytics Website Data Acquisition Overview
  3. Sample Search Console Report

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