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Top 10 Advertising Platforms

TOP 10


Facebook has more users on its platform than any other social media platform. More people tune into Facebook after work (and during) than the number of people that watch all network TV combined.

Facebook is a great platform and lets you get great detail of what kind of return you’re getting for every ad. However, without any marketing experience, it can be challenging to get the best bang for your buck without investing time to learn about setting up campaigns that perform well.


Millions of people use the platform for search, and Google’s developed their platform to give businesses a great chance to advertise through them.

Overall Google Adwords offers a lot of great ways to put ads in front of interested buyers and have them click-through to purchase. It does require a bit of marketing skill to navigate and set up ads correctly to target the right keywords.


Instagram’s advertising platform is a close cousin of Facebook’s advertising platform,

Working with someone with a marketing background can help you create advertising that connects with your audience on Instagram and help fill out your marketing funnel. Your ad goals should be to move a prospect to an “Awareness” stage of what you could do for them and get them interested.


Messenger is one of the newer players in the advertising game. A lot of people think of it just a tool in Facebook that lets you message people easily. This little tool this is one of the fastest growing marketing automation tools available today.

It’s still a fantastic tool your business should take advantage of but be prepared to be flexible with how you use it as it grows.


Amazon’s advertising is unique because it uses machine learning to supply its advertisers with better, more relevant traffic. Additionally, Amazon advertising also uses branding and performance advertising that includes inventory, ad formats, and, as we mentioned above, more closely matched targeting capabilities.  


YouTube viewers worldwide watch more than one billion hours of YouTube videos every day, reaching a number that’s about to pass U.S. television viewership. 

YouTube offers pre-roll ads and in-stream ads, as well as TrueView Discovery ads that show alongside other videos in the YouTube search. Some of these ads allow a viewer to skip the ad after a few seconds. YouTube also offers a few non-skippable ad options as well. The TrueView ads are on a pay-per-click basis, while the non-skippable ads use a pay per impression model.


Pinterest is extremely popular, and they have pretty good analytics to help drive traffic. People love Pinterest and because of the way the Pinterest platform is set up, most advertisers do well there, not to mention it’s fun and very easy to use.


Twitter is a mostly text-based platform that uses hashtags, tweets, trends, and other tactics for promotion. Twitter has a wide variety of targeting options which will help you gain new followers, encourage opt-ins, boost conversions, and is great at helping grow brand recognition. However, you will generally have to develop a marketing strategy then spend some time building your presence before you will see any significant results; although, any given piece of content could go viral at any time.


The mobile gaming industry is huge and growing by leaps and bounds every day. Google AdMob ads work like in-game ads except they are designed for mobile devices. The draw of these ads is that they will usually offer the viewer a free game download making the viewer more likely to read and respond to your ad.


LinkedIn is a social media networking site and its platform caters to businesses and business professionals. This is helpful when trying to connect with a business’s decision maker. LinkedIn ads work best for business-to-business (B2B) advertising; however, it can also be used for business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising to organizations as well. LinkedIn ads are offered in a variety of formats such as homepage sponsored content, sponsored in-mail messages, and more. These ads show on the right column and a viewer’s news feed. Additionally, on LinkedIn, all ads are sold auction-style where each advertiser bids against the other for the same audience. 

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