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Professional Amazon Store

Professional Amazon Store

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When you purchase an Amazon Store today at the checkout you will be charged 50% of the Total Amount Due. The Balance will be paid upon satisfactory completion of your Amazon Store.

Now you can own and run a Profitable Amazon Store from anywhere in the world. 

Multiply Your Revenues with Your Own Branded Amazon Store.
Great for businesses who want to grow their online presence and boost sales with Amazon.
We will build your very own custom profitable Amazon Store. By having your products on Amazon you can get a reliable regular recurring income stream that’s backed by one of the biggest companies on the planet AMAZON.

This Amazon store package Includes: 

  • Amazon Store creation
    (for the store creation you MUST HAVE a "Registered Brand"). If you do not have a Registered Brand, we can register your Brand/Trademark for you at an additional cost. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity.
  • Complete main page design
  • 2 additional top-level navigation pages
  • $150 for each additional top-level page
  • Up to 60 products (more products can be added upon request for an additional flat fee or pay per each additional product)
  • Some restrictions may apply depending on your particular product category
  • Products paired with Sponsored Brand campaigns to improve your Amazon Store design.
  • Email and Phone Support (Supported Languages: Customer Service) FREE
  • Other Amazon Store customizations available upon request 

1) $400 per month (4 hours of monthly account management) for Kollamedia Professional team members to maintain your store and run your Amazon advertising campaigns. This option is good for small businesses with less than 30 products.

2) $110 per hour, billed hourly on an as-needed basis for Kollamedia Professional team members to update manage, maintain, obtain approvals, and documentation to register your Brand/Trademark, Delivery of Inventory, obtain an import surety bond, Importer and Consignee, importer as necessary, interact with Amazon Customer Service or Seller Support in your behalf, provide phone product support in your behalf, using Fulfillment by Amazon management, help with obtaining a bank account in a country supported by Amazon in order to get paid and troubleshoot/maintaining your Amazon Store. 

3) Other monthly management plans are available specifically tailored to meet your business needs and budget.

From Start to Completion time 15-30 days

**Note, that you will need to have a "Registered Brand" name before you can have an Amazon Store.
The brand name registration process sometimes can take a year. If you have not started the process, Kollamedia via our partners and providers can help to accelerate your brand name's registration process.

**Other eCommerce integrations are also available such as Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, Amazon Australia, etc. 

Products are reviewed by Amazon, for possible violations of Brand and Commerce Policies prior to publication and are subjected to approval. Contact Us for more information.

If you purchase a service from our website today your credit/debit card will not be charged. We will contact you first to discuss the details of what exactly you need and confirm the service with you. You may cancel any purchase from our website by contacting us directly.  Contact Us for more information.

**Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice.